• The official language of the school shall be English. Therefore, all communications shall be in English.
  • All successful candidates shall be offered letters of admission into the school.
  • All Bonafide students/pupils must pay their fees before they are documented by the school.
  • Students/pupils shall put on the prescribed school uniform at all times, and they shall be neatly dressed. The Senior Secondary Students must always put on their ties. It is part of the school uniform.
  • The school shall not condone improper dressing or the hair-do that is not in conformity with the regulation of the school.
  • Romantic books and pornographic materials shall not be brought to the school. It will attract severe punishment and expulsion.
  • Vulgar/foul language is totally prohibited and shall be punishable.
  • All forms of fighting, rough handing, abuse of opposite sex, etc are prohibited and shall attract suspension for two weeks.

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  • Students/pupils shall come to class with all prescribed books needed for each class every day.
  • The schools (College & Primary) open by 7.30am and students/pupils shall come to school punctually.
  • The school assembly and morning devotion shall commence from 7.30am and shall end by 7.55am. All assemblies are compulsory and must be attended by all.

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  • The environment shall be kept clean by attending to allocated morning duties. Litters shall be picked up at all times to ensure a healthy environment.
  • Hanging on the railings or climbing it shall attract punishment.
  • Students shall not tamper or remove or damage electrical fittings, plumbing installations, furniture etc in the school. Offenders shall be punished and shall be surcharged appropriately or be made to effect replacement.
  • Writing on the school walls shall be punishable.
  • There shall be no tampering with electrical installation in the schools. Any electrical fault should be reported promptly.
  • Hool premises.
  • Students/pupils shall make use of the library during free periods
  • Students/pupils shall not steal, tear, deface or mutilate the library books. Students/pupils found guilty of any library offence shall be punished in addition to paying for or replacing the damaged book.
  • As a follow up to subjects taught by teachers in the class, students shall make use of the library on regular basis to read relevant textbooks on subject topics for better understanding.
  • On no account shall books be taken out of the library without the authorization of the librarian.
  • Any unwholesomely behaviours observed in fellow students shall be reported promptly to the management.
  • Anything observed as posing danger to live and property shall be reported swiftly. Failure to do this shall attract disciplinary action
  • Think constructively on things you can do to project the image of Isolog Schools. You will be rewarded appropriately.
  • Students shall not entertain visitors in the school premises without official permission of the principal.
  • Students/pupils shall not bring radios, CD, cassette players, head phones etc to the school. Offenders shall be punished and the items will be confiscated.
  • Students /pupils shall not bring GSM or mobile phone to the school. Offenders may be suspended in addition to seizure of the phones.
  • Wearing of jewelries other than small pin-earring shall attract severe punishment or suspension.
  • Boiling rings, curlers, fashion-handbags shall not be brought to the school. Offenders shall be suspended for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Students/pupils shall not have in their possession, catapults, knives, horsewhip or any other dangerous instruments, Offenders shall be expelled.
  • Birthday parties shall not be allowed in the school. Offenders shall be punished or suspended.
  • Writing of love letters to boy/girl friends is prohibited. Offenders shall be exposed on the assembly ground, punished and suspended.
  • Fagging is prohibited and offenders shall be punished.
  • Students/Pupils shall not compel fellow students/pupils to give out any personal effect against their will. Offenders shall be punished.
  • All teachers shall be provided with detailed guideline on appropriate disciplinary measures.
  • Offences are classified as minor, fairly serious and very serious.
  • There shall be Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC). Members of the committee shall be drawn from among the students.
  • The committee shall be charged with the responsibility of monitoring the activities of students that constitute offences.
  • The committee shall report directly to the Principal or the Vice principal all cases that emerge.
  • The principal shall refer reported cases to staff committee on discipline to deliberate upon and submit recommendation back to him (the principal).
  • Appropriate punishment shall be meted out to offending students or parties depending on the seriousness of offence.
  • Staff quarters shall be provided for the house officers, the matron and the Nurse.
  • Staff quarters shall be out of bound to all students; day or boarders.
  • Students’ hostels shall be out of bound to all day students, Offenders shall be severely punished and it may lead to expulsion.
  • Day students shall not go to the dining hall except those that pay for lunch in the school. Offenders shall be punished.
  • House officers and the matron shall be responsible for the day to day supervision of students in the boarding house.
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