Isolog Digital Learning Management System

As technology continues to transform all areas of life, teaching and learning online poses new challenges for both educators and students. And while technology can connect us in ways previously unimagined, it’s harder than ever to grab and maintain student attention in a classroom. In this age of distraction, a generic web conferencing system falls far short of the needs of teachers and students, hence the need for digital learning management system.

Features Of Virtual Class Room

The Schools Interactive Software immediately becomes necessary.  It features virtual classroom platform elements such as a user list, chat, and presentation laid out in a left-to-right format for easy readability.  Regardless of the number of students, both the teacher and students at different locations can see themselves and interact.


Features Include:

Isolog Schools Interactive ease-of-use adapts easily to instructor’s giving office hours, group collaboration, and full online classes.

Upload Documents

Easy presentation upload with the support for PDF, text, images and Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents


Whiteboard annotation of slides for highlighting content​

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms to get students engaged in collaborative learning​

Video Options

Low, medium, and high-resolution video options that serve all levels of WIFI bandwidth


Public and private chat​


Quick And Easy Polling That Encourage More Student Engagement​

Multi-User Whiteboard

Multi-user whiteboard for student engagement

Shared Notes

Shared notes for easier group collaboration​

Screen Share

Easy, intuitive screen sharing that keep students engaged​

Hand Rise

A hand-raising feature​


Student feedback through the use of Emojis​

Video Share

The ability to easily share video links within the main presentation area and playback is controlled by the instructor