Admission into any of isolog schools shall be through entrance examination.
Selection into the schools will be based on the performance of the candidate. Each candidate shall be required to obtain an entrance examination form (eef) which shall be completed and submitted back to school.

Secondary Department


Generally, all prospective students are required to sit and pass Admission Aptitude Test (AAT) and to attend Admission interview. Admission into the two colleges at Ojodu and Alagbole is very competitive. Candidates seeking admission into the colleges are usually in two categories:

  • New Student
  • Transfer
Candidates Seeking Admission To JSS And SSS 1

Prospective candidate must not be less than 10 years of age on entry. However special consideration may be given to brilliant candidates of less than 10 years of age. Such a candidate must have AAT score of not less than 50%


The admission aptitude Test shall comprise of the followings:

  • Paper I: Numerate test (1½ hrs) – (Mathematics + Quantitative Aptitude)
  • Paper II: Test of English (1 hr) – (English Language + Verbal reasoning).
  • Paper III: General Paper (1 hr) – (Science, Social Studies and Current Affairs).

The AAT will comprise of the following:

  • Paper I: Mathematics (1½ hrs).
  • Paper II: English (1 hr).
  • Paper III: Biology (1 hr).
  • Papers IV and V (1 hr each) shall be chosen according to departmental requirements for Science, Commercial and Art subjects.

Prospective candidate that has average AAT score of 50% and above shall qualify for the AI and shall be invited for placement interview.
However, candidates with lower AAT score may be invited for the AI but such candidates must be accompanied by one of the parents {or a representative} to the venue of the AI for further clarification about the ability and suitability of such candidates for placement. The AI shall hold between one week and 4 weeks after the AAT scores are released. Candidates can check AAT scores through phone contact or from the school.


Students that wish to transfer from other schools to any of Isolog schools shall fulfill the following:

  • Obtain Entrance Examination Form (EEF).
  • Sit for the appropriate AAT and if successful, the AI.
  • If given a placement, the candidate will be required to submit original and photocopies of results of previous exams from former school.
  • Submit a transfer certificate from former school.
  • Each successful candidate shall be offered a letter of admission into the school of choice.
  • The validity of the offer shall be as specified in the letter.
  • Each student admitted shall settle all the fees that are specified in the offer letter within the time limit allowed for it.
  • Candidate that fails to settle the fees as at demanded shall forfeit the offer to those on waiting list.
  • Full payment must be made by every new student. Part payment shall not be acceptable.


  • Each intending pupil shall obtain placement form at a specified cost.
  • The form shall be completed and submitted back to the head teacher of school.
  • The head teacher shall fix date for Placement Test (PT) which can be a written or oral test or both as may be appropriate.
  • Pupils seeking placement to ECDE department may be tested in letter and number works as well as in oral subjects.
  • Pupils seeking placement to Basic department (primary section) shall be tested in both written and oral works such as mathematics, English, primary science, aptitude test, etc depending on the class of placement.
  • Parent shall be needed to assist in the assessment for proper placing of pupil should there be need for such.
  • Parent of each pupil shall be required to come along with the child for placement Test (PT). Admission interview (AI) may be held immediately after the test should time permit and if necessary.

Pupils on transfer to Isolog Primary School shall;

  • Obtain the admission form.
  • Sit for admission test and admission interview if necessary.
  • If admitted, submit original and copies of the results of previous exams from the former school.
  • Submit a transfer certificate from former school.
  • Admission notice shall be communicated to the parents of every successful pupil and not through admission letters.
  • School fees bill shall be issued to parents of admitted pupil to settle within the time-limit allowed for it.
  • Parents that fail to settle the fees as at demanded shall cause forfeiture of admission to those on waiting list.
  • Full payment of school fees shall be settled within the time limit. Part settlement shall not be acceptable.