Welcome to Isolog

Stepping into ISOLOG is like being in a fabled land. But this time it is a real expression. The student/pupil is ushered into an academic environment anchored on the Almighty God. The environment itself is full of God’s glory. There is brotherly love and affection amongst staff and students/pupils. For our new students/pupils, you are ushered into the presence of the Almighty God. To our parents, the contact you are making with ISOLOG through your children/wards is a contact of abundant blessing, prosperity and godly protection upon you, your family and business. It is the beginning of the greatest testimonies of your life time.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become one of the best and topmost private schools in Nigeria through impartation of unparalleled values characterised by honesty, moral-uprightness, academic excellence and fear of God.

Our Mission


Our mission is to employ highly and sufficiently qualified staff and provide excellent and modern facilities in a conducive environment suitable for impartation of quality and all round education using modern techniques to achieve: High success rate in all examinations, Proficiency and spirit of healthy academic rivalry, Production of high caliber scholars, High discipline and fear of God. As this mission is implemented, it would lead to attainment of unprecedented height of success of our graduates nationally and internationally.



Towards the end of last century and particularly in the last few decades, the standard of education in Nigeria witnessed a steep decline that is unprecedented. The trend still continues unabated upto date.

According to UNESCO report on educational development in Nigeria, less than 12% of the secondary and primary schools in the country meet the expected curricular and school work standard. The rate of failure amongst students is worrisomely high in public schools such that students are promoted to       the next higherclass every year without any improvement in the academic performance and intellectual development of the youths.

The sharp decline in the external earnings of the country, the fall in the prices of crude oil and the consequent large — scale poverty of the populace appeared to have also played a big role in the decline of education.

Perhaps what made the deterioration worse was the unbridled corruption and political isolation of the country in the years following the annulment of the 1993 presidential elections. Schools were shut down arbitrarily, while teachers’ salaries were left unpaid for months.

The cumulative effect of these factors was a drop in the morale of teachers resulting in the exodus of good teachers and other professionals to other countries to seek greener pasture. There is an increasing rate of juvenile delinquency as many youths spend more and more time out of classrooms. In      addition, opportunities for acquiring basic vocational skills were lacking for many others who would have taken the route of paid employment, in order to further their education. All these led to the founding of Isolog Schools.

The development of the Isolog Educational group came as a direct result of the recognition of the increasingly deteriorating educational standards and the poor delivery of educational services in the country. Seeing the yawning gap between the expectation of parents and the reality of the educational      system, the directors of Isolog Nigeria Limited decided to start a project that will not only bridge the gap but will deliver proper and affordable education to the teeming population of youths in Nigeria.

Thus, the group commenced operations with the setting up of a vocational and secretarial school — ISOLOG COMPUTER AND SECRETARIAL INSTITUTE {ICSI}— in 1998 to provide skilled training for post — secondary school leavers wishing to go into self or paid — employment with the necessary      skills to compete favourably in the job search and to excel after employment.

The number of students that enrolled for various programmes at ICSI at the inception was in excess of 450. Subsequently, the need to again bridge the gap between the expectations and aspirations of parents and children alike for quality education on one hand and the woeful state of education on the      other, led to the establishment in 1999 of lsolog College — a secondary school institution offering a full complement of courses in science, arts and commercial subjects for classes SS 1 to SS 3. The population of students in the first two years of inception was over 300. The group expanded its operation in      October 2000 by the founding of Isolog Nursery/Primary School at Ojodu to capture kindergarten age children so that it could properly expound its ‘catch — them — young’ policy from cradle to early adulthood. There were over 400 pupils admitted in the school in 2000/2001 academic session The group      further expanded by the addition of two other schools at Alagbole in the Suburb of Lagos. The Isolog College campus, a boarding school, was founded in October 2005, while the Isolog Junior School was established in October 2006. So, four schools make up the group known as Isolog Schools.

The four (4) schools are:

1. Isolog College 5/7 Adegoke Ajayi Street, Saabo Ojodu, Lagos (Day School) September 1999.

2. Isolog Nursery and Primary School 1/3 Morgan Street Ojodu, Lagos (Day School) October 2000.

3. Isolog College Campus, Temidire Estate, Alagbole – Akute, Lagos surburb (Day & Boarding School) October 2005.

4. Isolog Junior School {Nursery& Primary) Ajayi Farm Bus Stop, Aalgbole — Akute. (Day & Boarding School) October 2006.


Engr Isaac O. Ogundipe is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer, Engineering Consultant, Aviator, Aviation Resource Expert, Pastor at DLBC, Educationist, School Administrator and Chairman/CEO of Isolog Schools, Nigeria.

Engr Ogundipe was an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer, Asst. Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer, Asst. General Manager, Deputy General Manager and General Manager/ National Head of Electrical & Electronic Department of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, the position he held at the time of his retirement. Engr Ogundipe served in these positions in various airports before his transfer to FAAN Headquarters as GM and National Head. He is a seasoned Aviator and a versatile resource expert in the aviation field.

On retirement from government service, Engr Isaac Ogundipe joined the family business that operates a group of secondary and primary schools both in Lagos and Ogun States of Nigeria. On resumption, he became the chairman and chief executive officer of the group. This is based on his experience as a seasoned administrator as well as the various experiences he had in teaching and as a resource person in various training programmes and summit meetings within and outside Nigeria. He was once a lecturer of Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the polytechnic Ibadan and a mathematics teacher at the University of Ibadan Extramural centre, Ikeja Lagos.

Mrs R.A Ogundipe

Proprietor/Vice Chairperson
Isolog group of Schools

Mr O.K Olowe

Group Administrator, Isolog group of schools

Mrs A. Fatoke

Headteacher, Isolog, Nur/Pry School Akute

Mr E.O Etido-Monday

Headteacher Isolog Nur/Pry School, Morgan Ojodu

Mr Adegboyega Alalade

Principal, Isolog College, Ojodu

Mrs Ogunbawo

Principal Isolog College Akute