• Isolog Schools run the state/national school calendar of 3 terms per academic session. Each term shall be for 13 or 14 weeks.
  • Examination is conducted at the end of each term.
  • Each examination is made up of continuous assessment (homework, projects and class tests) and the end of term examination.
  • The continuous assessment shall carry 40% while the end of term examination shall carry 60%.
  • Every student/pupil shall record class attendance of 80% and above to qualify to write the end of term examination.
  • The student/pupil shall be required to take minimum of two tests in a term in addition to the end of term examination.
  • The promotion to the next higher class shall be based on cumulative average of the terminal examinations and the continuous assessment.
  • Students/Pupils are expected to apply themselves diligently to their studies and work hard to pass all internal/ external examinations.
  • Cheating and other examination malpractices shall attract severe disciplinary measures including suspension or expulsion.
  • Isolog schools do not recognize automatic promotion. Therefore students/pupils that fail to make the required pass score shall repeat the class.
  • Student shall not repeat a class more than once. Students that fail twice in a class shall be advised to withdraw.
  • Pass in Mathematics and English is compulsory for all students. SS students are required to have Credit pass in English and Mathematics in addition to three credit passes in major subject areas of commercial, Art or science as applicable, to qualify for promotion to the next higher class.
  • Students/pupils shall be punctual at every examination. No student/pupil shall be allowed into the exam hall 30 minutes after commencement or allowed to leave the exam hall in the first one hour of the exam.
  • No student shall cheat in external examination. Any student that impinges on the integrity of Isolog schools through academic misconduct of any kind shall be summarily dismissed and prosecuted.
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