• Boarding students shall arrive at the campus on Sunday preceding the Monday of the resumption week.
  • Students shall arrive not later than 6 p.m. on the day of resumption (usually on Sunday).
  • Late resumption shall be punishable. It may attract deferment of admittance for another one week.
  • Students shall be denied admittance to hall of residence if full payment of fees is not made on or before resumption.
  • Tellers of fees paid shall be submitted to the accounts officer on duty before house master/ mistress cleared students for admittance.
  • Admittance into dormitory shall be subject to clearance of personal effects and boarding house materials.
  • New students shall produce medical history/medical certificate on resumption before they can be checked for admittance.
  • Students shall not receive visitors at anytime except during designated visiting days.
  • Students that receive visitor outside the visiting day shall be dismissed except such visit is permitted by the house staff.
  • Every emergency visit at any other time must be cleared with house staff or the vice principal or the principal.
  • Students shall not be seen with any visitor be it their parents or guardians without the necessary clearance. Any offender shall be suspended and ejected from hostel that same hour.
  • Visiting day shall be the first Saturday of every month.
  • It shall be between the hours of and
  • Parents shall not be allowed to stay in the school premises beyond
  • Violation of the rule shall attract severe punishment on the part of the offending student.
  • A sum of N1,000 per month is recommended as sufficient pocket money for student.
  • Provision shall be allowed up to a reasonable maximum proportion. Students should not be over indulged by parent.
  • Every boarding house student shall be issued an exeat card on resumption.
  • The exeat shall be for the purpose of official permission to go out of the school premises.
  • Students shall not go out of the school premises without having the exeat signed by the house officer, Offenders may be suspended from the boarding house.
  • Failure to have the exeat card signed by appropriate house officers on the excuse that none of the house officers is around to sign the exeat shall attract severe punishment, which may include suspension for a period of four weeks.
  • Except for the purpose of midterm break or emergency, issuance of exeat shall be for a day and the permission shall be restricted to Lagos. Student on this exeat must be back in school before 6 pm and the exeat card must be returned to the house officer.
  • Parents/guardians who want their wards to be released for public holiday shall obtain permission (at least two days) before the date of the public holidays. The exeat card shall be duly signed and documented by the house officer in charge.
  • Students on request exeat shall not be entitled to lunch and dinner on the day of exeat.
  • Boys are not allowed to enter the female hostel and girls are forbidden to enter the male hostel. This will lead to outright dismissal.
  • No day student will be allowed into the hostel. This will lead to outright dismissal.
  • The hostel area shall be out of bound to all students during school hours except with the permission of the house officer.
    • Prep classes are compulsory for all boarders.
    • Lateness to Prep classes shall attract punishment.
    • Prep classes shall be supervised by house officers.
    • Quietness shall be observed in the Prep classes.
    • No student shall be allowed to stay back in the hostel during prep.
    • Sick students must not be allowed to stay back in the hostel during prep such students will be required to stay in the sick bay for attention.
  • The school shall close for midterm holiday of two days per term, usually Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Students are at liberty to go home or stay in school during the break.
  • Students that stay back in the hostel shall enjoy all the meals for the period of stay (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Students that go home for the mid-term break shall resume back to school before 6pm on the day of resumption. Late arrival/resumption shall attract severe punishment.
  • Students shall maintain high degree of hygiene in the dormitory. Failure to maintain good hygiene shall attract severe punishment.
  • The inspection of Hostels shall be carried out regularly by house officers to ensure that dormitories are kept clean and tidy.
  • Special inspection shall be carried out every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon by house officers assisted by house prefects.
  • Students shall lay their beds with white bedspread while house – colour bed spread shall be used Monday through Friday.
  • Reports of the inspection shall be made available to the Vice Principal who in turn shall give brief to the principal.
  • Offending students shall be made to serve punishments when necessary.
  • Staff quarters shall be provided for the house officers, the matron and the Nurse.
  • Staff quarters shall be out of bound to all students; day or boarders.
  • Students’ hostels shall be out of bound to all day students. Offenders shall be severely punished and it may lead to expulsion
  • Day students shall not go to the dining hall except those that pay for lunch in the school. Offenders shall be punished.
  • House officers and the matron shall be responsible for the day to day supervision of students in the boarding house.
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