Isolog nursery and primary school, Ojodu was founded in October 2000. The school is located at 1/3 Morgan street, Ojodu. The current pupils enrolment is in hundreds. The Isolog nursery and primary school at Ojodu is a co-educational institution. The school admits pupils to the crèche, reception, kindergarten (kg), nursery (preparatory), and primary (basics 1 – 6) classes. The school runs the primary school education curriculum of the ministry of education.
  • Purpose built multi-Storey buildings.
  • Large and well-ventilated classrooms.
  • Special rooms for music studio, science laboratory, toy laboratory, computer laboratory, library and Agric Laboratory and sick bay.
  • Large and spacious playground with latest gadgets.
  • Colorful educational paintings and charts in classrooms.
  • Vehicles for school run.
  • Water borehole for supply of water.
  • Standby generator.
  • Toilets and bathrooms.
  • School Buttery and Many More.

Isolog Nursery& Primary School: 1-3, Morgan Street, Off Oladele Taiwo Street, Ojodu- Lagos.

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