Stepping into ISOLOG is like being in a fabled land. But this time it is a real expression. The student/pupil is ushered into an academic environment anchored on the Almighty God. The environment itself is full of God’s glory. There is brotherly love and affection amongst staff and students/pupils. For our new students/pupils, you are ushered into the presence of the Almighty God. To our parents, the contact you are making with ISOLOG through your children/wards is a contact of abundant blessing, prosperity and godly protection upon you, your family and business. It is the beginning of the greatest testimonies of your life time.

    Our vision is to become one of the best and topmost private schools in Nigeria through impartation of unparalleled values characterised by honesty, moral-uprightness, academic excellence and fear of God.

    Our mission is to employ highly and sufficiently qualified staff and provide excellent and modern facilities in a condusive environment suitable for impartation of quality and all round education using modern techniques to achieve: High success rate in all examinations, Proficiency and spirit of healthy academic rivalry, Production of high calibre scholars, High discipline and fear of God. As this mission is implemented, it would lead to attainment of unprecedented height of success of our graduates nationally and internationally.