• Staff quarters shall be provided for the house officers, the matron and the Nurse.
  • Staff quarters shall be out of bound to all students; day or boarders.
  • Students’ hostels shall be out of bound to all day students. Offenders shall be severely punished and it may lead to expulsion.
  • Day students shall not go to the dining hall except those that pay for lunch in the school. Offenders shall be punished.
  • House officers and the matron shall be responsible for the day to day supervision of students in the boarding house.



  • All teachers shall be provided with detailed guideline on appropriate disciplinary measures.
  • Offences are classified as minor, fairly serious and very serious.
  • There shall be students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC). Members of the committee shall be drawn from among the students.
  • The committee shall be charged with the responsibility of monitoring the activities of students that constitute offences.
  • The committee shall report directly to the Principal or the Vice principal all cases that emerge.
  • The principal shall refer reported cases to staff committee on discipline to deliberate upon and submit recommendation back to him (the principal).
  • Appropriate punishment shall be meted out to offending students or parties depending on the seriousness of offence.



  • Students/pupils shall not bring radios, CD, cassette players, head phones etc to the school. Offenders shall be punished and the items will be confiscated.
  • Students /pupils shall not bring GSM or mobile phone to the school. Offenders may be suspended in addition to seizure of the phones.
  • Wearing of jewelries other than small pin-earring shall attract severe punishment or suspension.
  • Boiling rings, curlers, fashion-handbags shall not be brought to the school. Offenders shall be suspended for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Students/pupils shall not have in their possession, catapults, knives, horsewhip or any other dangerous instruments. Offenders shall be expelled.
  • Birthday parties shall not be allowed in the school. Offenders shall be punished or suspended.
  • Writing of love letters to boy/girl friends is prohibited. Offenders shall be exposed on the assembly ground, punished and suspended.
  • Fagging is prohibited and offenders shall be punished.
  • Students/Pupils shall not compel fellow students/pupils to give out any personal effect against their will. Offenders shall be punished.