Isolog College Campus Alagbole was founded in October 2005 to cater for students requiring boarding facility. The college is situated on acres of land in Temidire Estate, Alagbole. It is a co – educational institution that offers full compliment of courses in science, arts and commercial subjects, both at SSCE/OL and A/L. The college admits students for both day and boarding. The Advanced level (A/L) classes. The students enrolment of College Campus is growing rapidly. The college campus is in a serene environment and it is a beauty to behold.


  • Purpose built multi storey buildings.
  • Large and well ventilated classrooms.
  • Special rooms for Science laboratories, Workshops, ICT, Computer, Typing pool, Home Economics lab, Music studio, Technical drawing lab, Fine Art studio, Internet lab, etc.
  • Large Admin block and Residential flats for staff quarters.
  • A large, spacious, well ventilated multi purpose auditorium with gallery.
  • Sufficient numbers of Toilets and Bathrooms.
  • Very large and well stocked library.
  • Large and spacious clinic with nurses.
  • Large and well ventilated hostels for male and female students. Each hostel has in-built toilets and bathrooms and a well furnished common room.
  • Storey building dining hall and School Buttery.
  • Boreholes for supply of water and a Large water reservoir.
  • Facilities for Audio – visual study aids.
  • Large installed capacity of standby power supply to supplement PHCN.
  • Spacious play ground.